Get VolleyFit !!!

volleyball conditioning
9th September 2015

Are you looking to get in shape, maintain or build on your current level of fitness ? We Hull Thunder are offering a volleyball based circuit training session every Tuesday night 7-8pm.


So what is VolleyFit I here you say…?



VolleyFit is a fun, new, full body form of circuit training for all fitness levels incorporating elements of volleyball based movement. Devised by our club personal trainer Lewis Foster and former Great Britain Volleyball Captain and 2012 Olympian Ben Pipes the focus of the sessions is about making it a fun and enjoyable experience, with the added benefit of getting improved cardio fitness and muscle strength along the way.

Sessions run every Tuesday 7pm – 8pm and cost per session is £3

So come on Give It A Go and…

Dig In

Set Your Goals

Hit New Heights

Due to the physical nature of VolleyFit it is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart problems or high blood pressure.

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